What Time Does Sonic close

What Time Does Sonic close?

If someone is looking for a cheesy burger, crumbly onion rings, or want to have a refreshing drink, the Sonic menu covers everything. So hurry up before it’s too late, and you must wait another day because Sonic’s closing hours are between 11 pm and 1 am. Sonic is one of the 11th top-ranked restaurants in America due to its fast food taste and unique drive-in car-hop services.

Knowing sonic operating hours and closing hours is important to satisfy your cravings. Sonic happy hour deals add to this tapestry of memories, catering to all budgets. However, keep an eye on the clock; local Sonic outlets usually wrap up around 10 or 11 pm.

Sonic drive-thru closes between 11:00 pm and 12 am. The exact timings may vary depending on your location or store. That’s why you must visit your nearest outlet to get more accurate eyes on the data. Still, here is a quick guide for locating Sonic Drive-thru when it closes across various cities.

CityClosing time
Atlanta11 pm
Chicago11 pm
New York11 pm
Houston12 am
Los Angles12 am

Typically, on normal weekdays, sonic breakfast hour is between 11 am to 12 pm. But on weekends, it mainly varies according to location. But general weekend time starts from 7 am to 8 am and stops at 1 pm.

To know the exact closing hours of your nearby Sonic restaurant, you must check Sonic’s outlet. But mainly Sonic closes and stops serving between 11 pm and 1 am.

During weekdays, sonic closes its restaurant at 12 am to 1 am. But it is highly suggested that you check your nearby Sonic location for that exact closing time.

Sonic, in Texas, closes its doors between 11 pm and 12 am, but it can also depend on the locations and branches. You need to check Sonic’s Texas outlet for the precise closing time.

On Friday Nights Sonic stops serving at 12 am to 1 am. To satisfy your cravings for Sonic, you must check the precise timings by checking Sonic outlets.

There is a comprehensive guide on what time Sonic closes in America. You can get a complete overview of Sonic’s closing hours.

StateTotal restaurantsClosing hours
Arkansas19412 am to 1 am
Alabama10812 am to 1 am
Alaska312 am to 1 am
Arizona9212 am to 1 am
Colorado8012 am to 1 am
California8012 am to 1 am
Connecticut0612 am to 1 am
Delaware0112 am to 1 am
Florida10012 am to 1 am
Georgia9412 am to 1 am
Idaho2112 am to 1 am
Illinois5012 am to 1 am
Lowa1012 am to 1 am
Indiana2412 am to 1 am
Kentucky6812 am to 1 am
Kansas13512 am to 1 am
Louisiana16912 am to 1 am
Massachusetts412 am to 1 am
Virginia5312 am to 1 am
Montana212 am to 1 am
South Carolina7612 am to 1 am
Ohio3712 am to 1 am

Sonic starts its operations and serves between 8 am and 9 am. They can extend the time depending on certain factors such as

  • Region
  • location
  • occasion

 For instance, some of their branches remain open until 2 am on weekends, Friday, and Sunday. To ensure accuracy, you must visit the nearest Sonic outlet and give it a call to confirm.

DaysClosing time
Monday11 pm to 12 am
Tuesday11 pm to 12 am
Wednesday11 pm to 12 am
Thursday11 pm to 12 am
Friday11 pm to 12 am
Saturday11 pm to 12 am
Sunday11 pm to 12 am

During normal circumstances, Sonic typically closes between 11 pm and 12 am regularly. It’s a window of opportunity that allows you to savor the flavors of Sonic’s delectable menu, even as the night settles in. Sonic’s charm extends across countless locations, and each one may have a unique closing time.

When most Sonic drive-ins close around midnight, it is always a good idea to check with your local Sonic outlet for the precise closing hour in your area. Sonic will provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on Sonic’s closing times.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are those events when Sonic is closed. Remember, their store will be open on Christmas night, 24 December, but remain closed on the actual day of Christmas as always.

Sonic holiday opening and closing hours

HolidaysDateDayStatusOpening and closing hours
New year day1 JanSundayopen9 am to 11 pm
Martin Luther King Day16 JanMondayopen9 am to 11 pm
Presidents’ DayFeb 20Mondayopen9 am to 11 pm
Good FridayApril 7Fridayopen9 am to 11 pm
EasterApril 9Sundayopen9 am to 11 pm
Memorial dayMay 29Mondayopen9 am to 11 pm
Independence DayJuly 9Tuesdayopen9 am to 11 pm
Labor daySep 4Mondayopen9 am to 11 pm
Columbus DayOct 9Mondayopen9 am to 11 pm
Veteran dayNov 9Saturdayopen9 am to 11 pm
Day Before ThanksgivingNov 11Wednesdayopen9 am to 11 pm
ThanksgivingNov 23Thursdayclosedclosed
Black FridayNov 24Fridayopen9 am to 11 pm
Christmas EveDec 24Sundayopen9 am to 11 pm
Christmas dayDec 25Mondayclosedclosed
New Year’s EveDec 31Sundayopen9 am to 11 pm

Sonic holiday hours can change annually and, of course, may vary by location. They may adjust their operating hours to allow their team members to spend quality time with loved ones or take a well-deserved break.

To make your visit to Sonic during the holiday season seamless, we strongly recommend reaching out to your chosen Sonic location in advance. By confirming their holiday hours, you can avoid surprises and savor your favorite Sonic delights without interruptions.

Discovering Sonic’s hours near you is a straightforward process. Whether you’re a Sonic veteran or a first-timer, it’s a hassle-free task. You can access the necessary information through Sonic’s official website or app, call their customer service, or rely on a quick Google search.

The following methods are used to find the Sonic location.

1. Sonic website’s store locator tool

The Sonic website has a helpful tool that makes finding operating hours easy. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Open up your web browser.
  • Go to Sonic’s official website.
  • Look for the “Locations” or “Store Locator” tab on their homepage.
  • It’s usually easy to spot.
  • In the search bar, type in your city, zip code, or state, and press the “Enter” key.
  • A list of Sonic drive-ins close to your location will show up.
  • You’ll see their addresses and contact information listed there.
  • Click on the Sonic drive-in that interests you, and you’ll find many useful details.

2. Use Sonic App

The Sonic app is here to help when your nearest Sonic is open. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it to check Sonic’s operating hours.

  • First, go to your app store and download the Sonic app.
  • After downloading, install it on your smartphone.
  • Once it’s installed, open the app. If it asks, make sure to enable location services.
  •  helps the app pinpoint Sonic locations near you.
  • On the app, you’ll see a list of nearby Sonic drive-ins.
  • Pick the Sonic location you’re planning to visit from the list.
  • You’ll find all the details you need there, including when they’re open for business.

3. Contact information and Sonic customer service

The Sonic customer service team is always ready to assist you. You can get in touch with them to get help or to confirm their operating hours.

There are some instructions that you can give them.

  • Sonic Headquarters

You’ll find them in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • Email

You can drop them a message at their email.

  • Sonic Customer Service Hours

They’re available seven days a week from 8 am to 10 pm. They take a short break every Friday from 2 pm to 2:30 pm for staff training.

  • Contact Number

If you need immediate assistance, give them a call at 1-866-OKSONIC (1-866-657-6642).

4. Check on Search Engines

To discover the hours of your nearest Sonic Drive-In, open up your favorite search engine, like Google. Type in “Sonic near me.” The search results will show a list of nearby Sonic locations and their hours of operation.

5. Visit in Person

The simplest way to find their hours at Sonic is to stop by. Look for the hours on the Sonic drive-in board or the entrance door. It’s a direct and foolproof method.

6. Check Social Media

Sonic loves to keep you informed through their social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms often have the most current information, including their hours of operation. Be sure to follow or check their pages for updates.

7. Ask a Local

Do not hesitate to reach out to people living in your area. They can be a wealth of information. Ask them when Sonic closes, and they can share useful tips or tricks. Knowing Sonic’s closing time near you is a practical and community-friendly approach.

Sonic closes between 11 pm and 12 pm. Their hours might deviate based on the region or specific occasions. To ensure accuracy, contact the Sonic outlet you intend to frequent.

Closing time at Sonic Drive-In typically involves several key activities to wrap up the day’s operations efficiently and ensure a smooth transition to the next day. 

Here’s a typical conclusion for closing time at Sonic Drive-In:

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Staff members thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces, equipment, and dining areas to maintain cleanliness and uphold hygiene standards. This includes wiping down counters, tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment.

Inventory Management

 Inventory levels are checked to determine what needs restocking for the next day. This involves counting remaining stock, noting any shortages, and preparing orders for replenishment.

Cash Management

 Cash registers are balanced, and the day’s earnings are tallied. This involves reconciling sales receipts, handling deposits, and ensuring accuracy in financial transactions.

Closing Duties

Various closing duties are assigned to team members, such as disassembling equipment for cleaning, shutting down non-essential systems, and securing the premises.

Staff Briefing

A brief meeting may be held to review the day’s performance, address any issues encountered, and communicate important information for the next shift or day.

Securing the Premises

Doors and windows are locked, alarms are set, and security measures are implemented to safeguard the property overnight.

Final Walkthrough

A final walkthrough of the premises is conducted to ensure all tasks are completed and no areas have been overlooked.

Shift Handover

If applicable, outgoing staff members provide updates and relevant information to incoming staff members to ensure a smooth transition between shifts.


Once all tasks are completed, staff members clock out and leave the premises, ready to return the next day for another day of serving customers.

At Sonic Drive-In, when the sun sets and the day winds down, it’s time to say goodbye until tomorrow. Closing time means it’s time for our team to wrap up, tidy up, and head home. As the lights dim and the last orders are served, we reflect on the day’s hustle and bustle.

Sonic Drive-In will be ready to welcome you with open arms when the sun rises again. As employees tidy up and lock up shop, they do so with a sense of fulfillment, knowing they’ve contributed to another day of delight for their customers. Until tomorrow’s dawn, Sonic Drive-In awaits, ready to once again welcome guests with its signature blend of nostalgia, convenience, and irresistible flavors.


Sonic closing hours are 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM on Monday.

Sonic usually operates from 11 pm to 12 am on Tuesdays. Some exceptions may apply based on the outlet’s geographical setting. For precise timings, connect with the Sonic restaurant of your choice.

Sonic serves its customers from 11 pm to 12 am on Wednesday. Individual outlets might have variations in their operational hours. Checking directly with the specific Sonic outlet will offer clarity.

Sonic Drive-In Closing Hours are from 11 pm to 12 am on Thursdays. Differing hours can be seen at certain locations. A quick call to the Sonic restaurant you’re eyeing would ensure you’re not left waiting.

In 2024, Sonic’s Friday operations predominantly stretch until midnight. Exceptions might arise based on the location. Dialing up your intended Sonic restaurant can provide exact timings.

Yes, SONIC Drive-Ins and drive-thrus are operational in Sacramento, CA.

You are free to stay for an extended period.

If a particular Sonic location appears as unavailable in the app, it could indicate that the Order Ahead feature is momentarily deactivated for that specific drive-in.

All Sonic restaurants will close at 4 pm on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2024. This is a change from previous years, where Sonic restaurants were open until midnight on Christmas Eve. The change in hours is to allow employees to spend time with their families on Christmas Day.

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