Sonic Slush Flavors

Best 23 Sonic Slush Flavors with Prices

It is a fast-food chain in the United States known for its diverse menu of burgers, hot dogs, and a wide range of beverages, including their famous slush drinks. The Sonic Slush is a signature offering that has gained popularity for its refreshing taste and customizable options.

Sonic slushes come in various flavors, ranging from traditional favorites like cherry, grape, and blue raspberry to more adventurous options such as watermelon, green apple, and pineapple. 

Customers can also mix and match flavors or add extra ingredients like candy or fruit to create their unique combinations. One of the distinctive features of sonic slushes is their texture, which is often described as being soft as compared to traditional slush drinks, making them even more enjoyable to sip through a straw or spoon.

sonic Blue Raspberry 

The Blue Raspberry Slush of Sonic lacks flavor – they have to be combined with something else, like candy or lemonade. On its own, the Blue Raspberry Slush tastes limp and watered down, and like it was just left out for too long. After a few sips, I realized the flavor was just like Kool-Aid.

Grape Slush

When it comes to grape flavoring, the experience is primarily bad, but here the results are pleasantly surprising. One tester called its taste “super authentic artificial grape flavor,” which lies along the dark purple Gatorade profile with a touch of cough syrup.

Nutritional calories

  • Mini (10 oz): 140 calories, 37g carbs
  • Small (14 oz): 200 calories, 54g carbs
  • Medium (20 oz): 290 calories, 77g carbs
  • Large (32 oz): 450 calories, 119g carbs
  • RT-44 (44 oz): 630 calories, 167g carbs
Blue Coconut Slush

Blue Coconut and Blue Raspberry were tricky to differentiate except for one factor: aftertaste. Blue Coconut ends with that hint of sunscreen flavor, but no matter how many times you sip Blue Raspberry, it will always taste like blue dye.

Nutritional calories

  • Mini (10 oz): 130 calories, 35g carbs
  • Small (14 oz): 190 calories, 51g carbs
  • Medium (20 oz): 270 calories, 72g carbs
  • Large (32 oz): 420 calories, 112g carbs
  • RT-44 (44 oz): 590 calories, 157g carbs
sonic Grape Slush with Rainbow Candy

If you take the lid off this one, it looks like a fast-food version of outer space. Drinking the Grape Slush with Rainbow Candy is pleasant, but nothing special, even a bit frustrating, like waiting outside a Cracker Barrel.

Minute Maid Cranberry Juice Slush

Minute Maid cranberry juice has no flavor, but testers all agreed that the Minute Maid Cranberry Juice Slush tasted like it was straight out of the bottle.

sonic Watermelon Slush with Rainbow Candy

Watermelon slush with rainbow candy has a harsh brain-freeze taste

sonic Cherry Slush

The Cherry Slush will easily taste artificial if it isn’t prepared or consumed properly. To avoid its drawbacks, you can’t let it melt – once it does the Cherry Slush tastes like straight-up syrup. 

sonic Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade starts nicely, but the tangy sweetness quickly becomes too much. While the real bits of fruit add a nice touch, this is a drink you can’t wait to melt so it dilutes a bit.

sonic Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Frozen Cherry Lemonade makes you pucker immediately, and it takes a few tries to figure out what you’re drinking. The flavor is pure and concentrated, but by the time you’ve had every frozen drink at Sonic.

You realize that this one is part of a paradox: the Frozen Cherry Lemonade has a tartness that you’d expect in a limeade making it something it isn’t supposed to be.

sonic orange slush

It is syrup-based, and the Orange Slush tastes slightly different and less sweet – less like orange-flavored candy, more like orange soda or an orange Freezepop. The Orange Slush is one of your best bets for neutrality.

sonic Frozen Classic Lemonade

Frozen classic lemonade is usually annoying. One taster described it as the Cadillac of the frozen slush. The sweetness here is along the Country time lemonade powder caliber, so if you prefer citrus over saccharine, go with the frozen limeade instead.

sonic Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade

When you mix blue flavoring with lemonade, it has a taste. The frozen blue lemonade, which mixes to a deep teal then tastes vibrant and beachy, making it the closest thing on the menu to a much-needed ocean water slush.

sonic Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush

Part of the appeal of sports drinks is that despite having just as much sugar as soft drinks, they have a lighter, tangier taste. Thus the Powerade Slush is less sugary than others, which I appreciated while tasting myself through in a sea of flavored syrup.

However, that means it has less flavor, which might be a drawback if you weren’t tasting 26 slushes in one sitting. 

sonic Green Apple Slush

If Green Apple was your go-to choice as a kid then tasting one some 15 years later is refreshing and nostalgic. If not, you might not enjoy it that much.

sonic Frozen Cherry Limeade

Frozen Cherry Limeade is deceptively saccharine. One tester noted the sweet and sour notes don’t mesh too smoothly, while another lamented that Cherry just wasn’t as good as Classic Limeade. It also tastes like the cherry limeade at Firehouse Subs.

sonic Frozen Classic Limeade

Cherry Limeade and Classic Limeade are both good for different reasons. Whereas Cherry pumps up the sweetness, Frozen Classic Limeade delivers what its name promises.

It’s a light jolt to the mouth, but here the cool lime notes are refreshing, although the citrus does leave a sticky mouth feel. Also, this needs to be in a margarita.

sonic Cherry Slush with Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

If it isn’t yet apparent, the ultimate add-in for a candy slush is Jolly Rancher. The shards of candy gather in chunks where they regain their adhesive nature.

sonic Strawberry Real Fruit Slush

The Strawberry Real Fruit Slush is among the best hangover remedies, but its merit goes far beyond magical properties. This may be the only slush that doesn’t turn disastrous once the ice starts melting. 

Nutritional calories

  • Mini (10 oz): 140 calories, 38g carbs
  • Small (14 oz): 210 calories, 55g carbs
  • Medium (20 oz): 290 calories, 78g carbs
  • Large (32 oz): 460 calories, 121g carbs
  • RT-44 (44 oz): 630 calories, 169g carbs
Sonic Slush Combinations

Try a combination of flavors in a slush to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day, or even during a drive. These come in several flavor mixes with the most well-known being Watermelon Lime, Cherry Limeade, and Lemon Berry.

The Tea Combinations

If you want to go with something a bit more adventurous then try one of their tea combinations as a slush. These typically include Frozen Peach Tea and Frozen Sweet Tea and are best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. 

Their limeade offerings are lemonade made with limes for a sweet and sour mixture. The list of limeade combinations is extensive but should include Frozen Cherry Limeade, and Watermelon Limeade. 

sonic Real Fruit Slushes

Several slushes use real fruit. Some would argue that you cannot beat the tropical flavor of a Pineapple Real Fruit Slush but there is also the subtlety of a Strawberry Real Fruit Slush.

From Cherry Burst to Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Blue Coconut, Grape, Cranberry, Mango, and Peach. The Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush is also worth seeking out. 

sonic Candy Slushes

You must try candy slush which is typically bright and comes with a healthy serving of Nerds candy. The two flavors to look out for are Blue Raspberry and Grape Slush and both come with sippable candy. 

  • Green Apple
  • Blue Coconut (Also Known As Ocean Water)
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
  • Frozen Sweet Tea
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Frozen Peach Tea
  • Frozen Cherry Limeade
  • Frozen Classic Limeade
  • Frozen Cherry Lemonade
  • Pineapple Real Fruit
  • Strawberry Real Fruit

Sonic Drive-In offers a wide variety of slush flavors, including classics like cherry, grape, and blue raspberry, as well as unique seasonal flavors and combinations. Sonic Drive-In’s slushes remain a popular and iconic offering on their menu.

With a wide variety of flavors, including traditional favorites and seasonal specials, Sonic’s slushes continue to delight customers looking for a refreshing and customizable beverage option.

The unique texture and customizable nature of Sonic’s slushes, along with their frequent introduction of limited-time flavors and promotions, contribute to their ongoing appeal among patrons of all ages.

Yes, many of Sonic’s slush flavors are made with real fruit purees and juices, ensuring a fresh and authentic taste.

Absolutely! Sonic’s slush drinks can be customized with a variety of mix-ins and flavor combinations. Just let your server know what you’re craving, and they’ll be happy to create a personalized slush just for you.

Most of Sonic’s slush flavors are caffeine-free, with the exception of a few options like the Limeade Caffeine Slush. However, caffeine levels can vary, so it’s always a good idea to ask your server if you’re concerned about caffeine intake.

es, Sonic offers a selection of sugar-free and low-calorie slush flavors for those watching their sugar or calorie intake. These options include Diet Cherry Limeade, Diet Ocean Water, and more.

Absolutely! Sonic’s slush drinks are available in multiple sizes, ranging from a smaller “Route 44” size to a larger “Buddy” size. Choose the size that best suits your thirst and appetite.

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