Sonic Churro Shake

Sonic Churro Shake: Price, Calories & Availability

Sonic churro shake is a new milkshake option arriving at participating locations to provide patrons with an alternative way to enjoy the fried dessert dough. The sonic churro shake is launching alongside the brand’s new dessert, which will be part of its summer snacking menu.

This shake is made with a blend of ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon sugar blended to achieve a sweet frozen treat. This shake is topped with whipped topping, additional sugar, and a cherry. Sonic has just released a limited-time Churro Shake for summer.

Sonic Churro Shakes contain between 530-1380 calories, depending on your choice of size. The size with the fewest calories is the Mini Churro Shake (530 calories), while the Large Churro Shake contains the most calories (1380 calories).

Review the latest Sonic menu along with prices.

But what truly sets it apart is the cinnamon sugar churro nestled atop the shake, complemented by whipped cream and a cherry. Introduced in July 2023, this exclusive shake promises a burst of refreshing flavors, making it a perfect treat for the warm summer days.

Sonic Churro Shake
Sonic Churro Shake
Sonic Churro Shake

It is a dessert drink offered by Sonic Drive-In which is a fast-food restaurant chain. It typically consists of a creamy milkshake base flavored with cinnamon and topped with pieces of churro, a fried-dough pastry often dusted with cinnamon sugar. This shake combines sweet, creamy, and cinnamon flavors, reminiscent of the popular dessert snack.

This ultimate shake has the following ingredients. These ingredients are given below:

  • Cherry
  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon churro sugar
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Caramel sugar
  • Vanilla ice cream

The Sonic churro shake price at a Sonic Drive-In near New York City is $5.39 for a medium size. This is comparable to other shakes they offer. In contrast, a medium shake from Baskin Robbins in the same area is $8.98, making the churro shake’s sonic price seem more reasonable.

Churro shake sizeChurro shake price
Small (14 oz)$3.99
Medium (20 oz)$4.59
Large (28 oz)$5.29
NutrientMini Churro ShakeSmall Churro ShakeMedium Churro ShakeLarge Churro Shake
Cals from Fat230350410590
Fat (grams)26384665
Protein (grams)6101219

There are the following tips to savor the churro shake calories

Ultimate Churro delight

To get the long-term flavor and essence, you must order an extra size of churro. Dip these churros into the shake, make the combo, and enjoy the tasteful delight of this refreshing shake.

Add some twist to this shake.

For those craving an unusual flavor, small espresso shots meld surprisingly in a very good way, offering a unique taste.

For chocolate lovers

Put some toppings and a scoop of chocolate ice cream to enhance the flavor of the churro shake for chocolate lovers.

Perfect float base

It makes a solid paste-type foundation for milkshake floats. Put some cherished root beer or cola for an additional layer to enhance the taste.

Trending themes of churro shake

Different types of themes will be popular throughout Sonic’s industry. These themes are given below.

Fried dough creation

The rise of the fried dough dessert industry raises innovation for creating new fried dough opportunities to increase the flavor and enhance new cooking methods.

Milkshake with a twist

Innovation of milkshakes in a new way offers unique flavors and textures which are gaining popularity, providing opportunities for new and creative ideas.

Some things are sold just for a specific season, but after some time, people increase their demand for them when they gain popularity. Seasonal limited-time offerings are becoming more common in the food industry, providing opportunities for businesses to experiment with new and unique menu items during specific times of year.

Fast Food

Fast food restaurants can cater to customers with a sweet tooth by experimenting with and introducing new types of fried dough creations and milkshakes to their menus.


Dessert shops and bakeries can incorporate fried dough into their existing menus and even turn this into their signature item or as an add-on for their shakes.

Mobile App Development

Developing mobile applications for a restaurant allows businesses to offer app-exclusive deals, early access to limited-time offerings like this Churro shake, and encourage online ordering.

NutrientsAmount per servingpercentage
Calories960 gram80%
Total fats46 gram71%
Saturated fats29 gram145%
Trans fats1.510%
Cholesterol125 mg42%
Sodium560 mg23%
Total carbohydrates120 g40%
Dietary fibers1 gram4%
sugar84 gram30%
Protein12 gram24%

Some timings are mentioned according to the small serving of Sonic churro shake. According to their timings, you can burn your calories.

Burning time for walking

You will take 5 hours and 32 minutes to burn calories by walking in the small serving of churro shake.

Burning time for jogging

You will take 1 hour and  35 minutes to burn calories by jogging in a small serving of churro shake.

Burning time for bicycle

You will take 1 hour and 35 minutes to burn calories by bicycle in a small serving of churro shake.

Burning time for swimming

You will take 2 hours and 13 minutes to burn calories by swimming in a small serving of churro shake.

  1. Add caramel for еxtra flavor. The salty-swееt combination of churro and caramеl is a match made in hеavеn.
  2. Crushеd Orеos or cookiе crumbles provide a chocolatеy crunch.
  3. Cinnamon toast crunch cеrеal puts an еxtra cinnamon kick in it.
  4. Frеsh or frozеn fruit likе bananas, strawbеrriеs, or chеrriеs providеs a pop of flavor. Blеnd thе fruit right into your shakе for a fruit-infusеd churro shake.
  5. Hеat things up with a splash of Firеball cinnamon whiskеy. It is optional.
  6. Makе it a chocolatе churro shake by blеnding in chocolatе icе crеam and chocolatе syrup.
  7. Top it off with whippеd crеam, hot fudgе, buttеrscotch, or marshmallows, and garnish with a mini churro or cinnamon stick.
  8. For an icy, slushy-likе shakе, usе slightly lеss icе crеam. For an еxtra thick frosty shakе, add morе icе crеam.
  9. Thе possibilities are еndlеss when it comes to customizing your churro shake. Mix and match different add-ins and toppings to crеatе your pеrfеct indulgence. Your tastе buds will thank you! Now gеt shaking and еnjoy your dеlicious customizеd churro shake.

To make a delicious Sonic churro shake at home, follow these easy steps:

  • Add two scoops of vanilla icе crеam to a blender. For an extra special treat, use dulcе dе lеchе or Mеxican vanilla icе crеam.
  • Pour 1/2 to 3/4 cup of milk or your favorite non-dairy milk altеrnativе, likе almond or oat milk. Start with 1/2 cup and add morе according to your requirement.
  • Add 1/4 tеaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1/8 tеaspoon of nutmеg or pumpkin piе spicе, and a pinch of salt. Thеsе warm spicеs pair pеrfеctly with thе churro flavor.
  • Add  2-3 slices of cinnamon-sugar coatеd churros into bitе-sizеd piеcеs. Add half thе churro piеcеs to thе blеndеr. Rеsеrvе some for topping your shakе.
  • Blend everything on high spееd until smooth and crеamy, for a thickеr shakе, usе lеss milk. Add morе milk for a thinnеr, milkshakе-likе consistеncy.
  • Pour thе shakе into two glassеs and top with whippеd crеam, caramеl saucе, chocolatе saucе, and the reserved churro piеcеs.
  • Garnish your mastеrpiеcе with a sprinklе of cinnamon and sugar, crushеd nuts, or chocolatе shavings.
  • Sip your churro shakе and еnjoy it. Thе swееt cinnamon spicе blеndеd into a cool, crеamy shakе is a flavor combo you won’t soon forgеt.
  • Making a Sonic churro shakе at homе is еasy and dеlicious. Follow thеsе simplе steps for a special trеat that tastes like a truе Sonic Drivе-In.

 Sonic churro shake is a great treat for those who love churros and ice cream. The combination of flavors and textures creates a unique experience that isn’t available elsewhere.

It’s worth trying if you’re looking for something new to enjoy. We hope this blog post has enlightened readers on this tasty concoction’s deliciousness.

If you feel bold, why not take on the challenge of making your Sonic churro shake? We guarantee it will be much better than store-bought shakes – just make sure to tag us with your delicious creations on social media.

Sonic Drive-In recently introduced a Churro Shake, capturing the essence of their churros in a delectable milkshake. This limited-edition treat, available until September 25, combines real vanilla ice cream with hints of caramel and cinnamon sugar.

Yes, you can order churros at Sonic. They are available for only $1.49* as part of the SONIC Summer Snacking Menu. The Summer Snacking Menu is only available through the SONIC App, and it offers a rotating selection of returning and classic menu favorites at great value.

Yes, You have until September 25 to get your hands on this heavenly shake.

It’s a seasonal addition to their menu, introduced in July 2023.

At only $1.49, it’s part of Sonic’s Summer Snacking Menu available through the SONIC App.

Yes, Sonic has a Churro Shake available until September 25th.

It was only available until 25th September.

The Churro Shake at Sonic is a yummy mix of creamy vanilla ice cream, caramel, and cinnamon sugar. What makes it special is the churro with cinnamon sugar on top of the shake, whipped cream, and a cherry.

Even without stirring in the cinnamon sugar on top, you can taste the strong cinnamon flavor. It truly captures the essence of a churro, and there’s also a delicious hint of caramel blended in.

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