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Sonic Pink Drink – Sonic Pink Lady Secret Menu Delight!

I’ve tried the Sonic Pink drink only because of seeing its hype around the world. When I took a first sip, the flavors blasted in my mouth and the bright pink color of the drink caught my attention. It seemed fruity and refreshing at the same time. I was amazed by Sonic’s Pink Lady.

Through deep research, I found out that the pink drink is a combination of cherry, vanilla, and cream blended in Sprite. This drink was placed on Sonic’s secret menu with prices, but the recipe was revealed. You should try Pink Lady for an amazing and tasteful experience. 

What is a Sonic Pink Drink?

The Sonic Pink Drink, also known as the Sonic Pink Lemonade, is a refreshing and visually stunning beverage that has become a signature offering at Sonic Drive-In restaurants. This vibrant drink combines the tartness of classic lemonade with a delightful cherry twist, creating a unique flavor profile that has captivated taste buds across the nation.

It’s Not Hidden: Sonic Menus

Sonic’s secret menu is not so secret because most secret recipes have been revealed. In-N-Out Burger’s animal-style fries or Chipotle’s nachos are not secret either. Pink Lady combines Sprite, cherry juice, vanilla, and cream. All these ingredients give the drink a bright pink color which makes the drink more interesting and joyful.

Savor the refreshing and flavorful Sonic Pink Drink of 2024! Indulge in a delightful blend of fruity flavors and a splash of sweetness that will brighten your day. Treat yourself to the irresistible Sonic Pink Drink and experience a burst of deliciousness with every sip!

Sonic Pink lady
Sonic Pink Drink
Sonic Pink Drinks

Sonic, a beloved drive-in restaurant chain known for its unique menu offerings and carhop service, has been serving up this iconic pink drink since the 1950s. Over the decades, the Sonic Pink Drink has become an integral part of the brand’s identity, garnering a loyal following among customers who eagerly anticipate its arrival each summer.

The Sonic’s Pink drink is a mixture of Sprite, cherry syrup, and vanilla cream. All these flavorful items blended to give it a bright pink color. 

Recipe of Pink Drink at Sonic

The recipe for the Pink drink is given in the appropriate amounts:

  • 1 cup Sprite
  • 2 tablespoons cherry syrup
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla cream

This trio is tasteful and provides refreshments during hot summer days. Moreover, the drink gives sweetness that blows your mouth.

The popular combos that the audience loves are actually with it. If you want to order something with Pink Lady, here is a list of various combos:

  • Cherry Limeade paired with Mozzarella Sticks or Onion Rings
  • Strawberry Limeade with a Footlong Quarter Pound Coney
  • Watermelon Slush with Corn Dogs or Chicken Strips
  • Red Berry Slush Float with a Sonic Blast Dessert
  • One cup of Sprite or lemon-lime soda
  • 1-2 pump cherry syrup
  • 1 pump Vanilla syrup
  • 2 tablespoons cranberry juice
  • Ice(of your choice)
  • Whipped cream and cherry is optional

Adding one cup of Sprite in a glass is the easiest method to make a Sonic’s Pink Lady at home. Then add two tablespoons of Cherry syrup. Lastly, put in one tablespoon of Vanilla cream. If you like cranberry, add two tablespoons of it. Mix it well. To complete the process, add ice to it. Put cream or some cherry for topping.

Now the fruit and chilled Pink lady is ready to refresh you on warm days.

Sonic Pink drinks contain carbohydrates, calories, and sugar in a certain amount. So a consumer should know the calories taken in a single drink. A regular pink drink contains:

  • Calories: 290
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 73g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Sugar: 66g

Diet-conscious people can customize it according to their needs. You can make lighter and diet-friendly Sonic Pink drinks. You can still enjoy the Pink drink with low carbs, calories, and sugar. The amounts to make calories drink are as follows:

  • Order a small size drink
  • Add less sweetener or syrup
  • Instead of soda, add diet lemon-lime soda
  • Prevent any toppings or whipped cream
  • Replace soda with cranberry juice

Pink Lady on Sonic’s menu was launched and gained popularity due to its fruity flavor and color. A few years back it stopped offering Pink Lady on the menu. However, the ingredients are still available at Sonic for the customers to order. It has become a part of the Sonic ‘Secret’ drink menu. 

Sonic Pink Drink

You can customize Pink Lady according to your preferred flavors. One of the TikTok is going viral because of the customization of Pink drink. A called himself an employee at Sonic to make a different drink. 

He added strawberry and raspberry syrup instead of cherry. And replaces the vanilla cream with a lemonade. Rather than being creamy, the drink is tart. In addition, the customers like it and gradually it’s becoming famous among consumers. Here are some other flavors to try on. 

Strawberry Lime

You can add strawberry and lime for more fruity and refreshing flavors.

Peach Mango

The pink drink made from juicy peach and tropical mango gives a vibe of a beach vacation.

Watermelon Mint

The watery and cool watermelon mixed with fresh mint energizes a person on hot days.

You can order Pink Lady from Sonic in two ways:


  • Go to the Sonic’s cashier counter
  • Order the Pink Lady drink with the size
  • If you want any customization just tell them

Choose Your Size

As mentioned before, most Sonic offer their signature frosted pink creations in small, medium, and large cup sizes. Decide how pint-sized or bucket-sized you want your drink today!

Smaller Portion

The small Pink Drink still packs plenty of flavor at 12 ounces for those wanting a lighter sip. It contains around 130 calories.

Medium Refreshment

For a treat with a bit more girth, the medium clocks in at 24 ounces, so you get double the pink pleasure. This site has approximately 210 calories.

Large Indulgence

The large drink goes all-in at 32 ounces. Picture a jumbo icy blender full of fruit-infused refreshments! Expect it to contain around 270 calories.

Add Custom Mix-Ins

Here comes the exciting part where you customize your drink to the max! Tell your Sonic mixologist exactly which fixings you would like drowned in that fruity coconut milk elixir.

Via the Sonic app:

  • Open the Sonic app and tap on “Order Food”
  • Click on the drink section and choose Pink Lady
  • If there’s no option for Pink Lady, customize it
  • Choose the size of Sprite and add cherry, vanilla, and Cream to it

SONIC Celebrates ‘Grease’ Series with Special Drink and Supports Education Through Sales

  • SONIC® Drive-In is partnering with Paramount+ to celebrate the new series, “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.”
  • Inspired by the Pink Ladies from Rydell High, SONIC has created a special drink made of Sprite, cherry, and vanilla flavors, topped with sweet cream.
  • The drink can be made using the SONIC App, which offers other benefits like half-price drinks and slushes for its members, half-price SONIC Cheeseburgers on Tuesday nights, and monthly rewards and offers.
  • SONIC supports public education through its Limeades for Learning initiative. A portion of the sales from drinks, slushes, and shakes goes towards this cause.
  • Since 2009, SONIC has donated over $24 million, making it one of the major programs supporting public education in the U.S.
  • “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” will premiere on April 6 exclusively on Paramount+.
  • Additional notes on mobile ordering availability, conditions for the cheeseburger discount, and more information about the SONIC Foundation and its partnerships.


Sonic Pink Drink is becoming popular nowadays. It’s one of the customer’s favorite drinks due to its taste and color. You can order it by going to Sonic food court or simply through the app. 

You can try the new version of Pink Lady by adding strawberry and raspberry instead of cherry, and lemonade instead of vanilla. If you haven’t tried the Pink Lady order it now and give your opinions about the drink in the comment section.

What is the pink drink at Sonic?

Pink drink at Sonic is a fusion of Sprite, cherry juice, vanilla, and sweet cream. The drink is perfect for hot days even if you can drink it in winter to experience something different. 

Is the Pink Lady drink from Sonic good?

I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that you’ll like the taste and flavors of the drink. If you’re going to Order Pink Lady, you’ll be amazed with the taste. It’s a real treat.

How do you order a Pink Lady on the Sonic app?

Just launch the app. Go to the drink section and find Pink Lady. Suppose there’s no choice of Pink lady on the menu. Customize it with Sprite, cherry juice, vanilla, and cream. 

Can vegans drink Sonic Pink drink?

Yes! With a coconut milk base instead of dairy and no animal products involved, the Pink Drink is 100% friendly for plant-based diets.

How many calories are in Sonic Pink drink?

A small one contains around 130 calories. Medium has 210 calories, while large hits 270. Customizations, like added fruit or sweeteners, can nudge these numbers a bit higher.

Is there an easy way to copy the pink drink at home?

You bet! Blend frozen strawberries, coconut milk from the carton, coconut water, and optional liquid sweetener like honey or agave for a luscious pink drink facsimile. Add more berries for extra vibrant color!

What makes the Sonic Pink Drink unique?

The Sonic Pink Drink stands out due to its vibrant pink color, achieved by combining classic lemonade with a sweet cherry twist. This unique flavor profile and visually appealing appearance have made it a signature offering at Sonic Drive-In restaurants.

Is the Sonic Pink Drink available year-round?

While the Sonic Pink Drink is a popular choice in the summer months, it is typically available year-round at most Sonic locations. However, some seasonal and limited-time variations may be introduced periodically, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding this iconic beverage.

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