Sonic Halloween Special

Best New Sonic Halloween Special: Treats & Deals

Sonic Drive-In is one of those places that is known for its service style. This chain is known for its menu items and special holiday sweet treats. This year, on Halloween, do make sure you check out Sonic and let us have a look at the Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu with price.

This limited-time masterpiece is crafted to bewitch your taste buds, featuring a juicy beef patty nestled between two toasted buns, enrobed in a hauntingly delicious combination of zesty pumpkin aioli, tangy cranberry sauce, and crispy bacon. Experience a symphony of flavours with every bite, leaving you spellbound and craving more.

This Halloween, Sonic is serving irresistible deals to delight your taste buds. Dive into half-price cheeseburgers and celebrate with the iconic 50-cent corn dog day.

Sonic Halloween Special
  • Sonic Cheeseburgers at Half the Price
  • Sonic 50-cent corn dogs

If you’re looking for Halloween-themed food, Sonic Drive-In might have just what you’re looking for! They have some spooky treats on their menu, like

  • SONIC Cheeseburgers
  • 50 Cent Corn Dog Day

SONIC Cheeseburgers

Sonic Halloween special offers its mouth-watering cheeseburgers at half the price every Tuesday after 5 p.m. The deal automatically kicks in, making Tuesdays a favourite for many. This involves single-patty Sonic cheeseburgers, weighing approximately ¼ lb. precooked.

If you want to place your order, put it through the app or online after logging into your Sonic account. The mobile ordering feature, though convenient, is available only at select Sonic locations. Always check their operational hours and specific terms before placing an order.

50 Cent Corn Dog Day

Sonic Halloween special aligns perfectly with this long-standing promotional day. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious corn dog; this will be served at just half price.

Sonic Drive-In is one of those places that is known for its service style. However, this chain is also quite known for its menu items and, of course, its special holiday sweet treats.

So, this year, you must visit Sonic and look at the Drive-In Halloween menu with prices. Before we begin with the Halloween menu, let me tell you that the prices may differ depending on the location’s holiday menu.

Sonic Drive-In has an extensive menu with a lot of fast food options to choose from. So, on popular demand, Sonic Drive-In has returned its delicious treat blasts in two flavours this year. Depending on your flavour, these blasts cost $ 6.99 – $ 7.49.

If you want to know the Sonic menu price for these blasts at your nearest location, you can check them on the Sonic Drive-In official website and their Android and iOS app.

Ordering at Sonic Drive-In is a breeze, whether using the drive-thru or mobile app.

  • Drive-thru

Drive up to the speaker and let the carhop know your choices. Mention if you’re dining in or taking away. First, pay at the initial window and then collect your delicious Sonic meal at the next one.

  • Mobile App

Sonic’s user-friendly app makes pre-orders easy. You have to download and sign up.

  • Choose your favourites and add them to your cart.
  • Pay using a credit card or Soni gift card.
  • You’ll get a pickup time. Drive to Sonic, wait at the marked spot, and they’ll bring your order right to your car.

These are mentioned here if you want to explore more Sonic menu items this Halloween.

Sonic Drive-In features delicious options, of course, along with some sweet treats. As Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy sweet treats, Sonic Drive-In has taken its delicious blasts to the next level.

Its menu features two special blasts: Treat Blast- Vanilla and Treat Blast- Chocolate. Sonic Drive-In has these options on their Halloween menu, for anyone who may recall them.

Vanilla-treat blast

Sonic Drive-In makes some of the best blasts you may ever try. These are always hand-blended and made with fresh ice cream. The vanilla-flavoured Treat Blast is made with fresh vanilla ice cream blended with bits of Oreo cookies, MnM minis, and Snickers to make it a completely indulgent treat! The starting price of this Treat Blast is $6.99.

Chocolate-Treat bast

This blast is made with fresh, creamy, and indulgent chocolate ice cream blended with Oreo bits, MnM minis, and Snickers. The starting price for this blast is $7.49.

Halloween is a time to go out and enjoy. But that does not necessarily mean going out for meals. So, I am sure that many of you would rather like to enjoy your Treat Blasts at home than outside.

To order the Treat blasts from Sonic Drive-In at home, you can easily place your order on their official website, android app, or iOS app. Other than that, you can also place your order via food delivery platforms. These platforms are the following:

  • UberEats
  • DoorDash
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates
  • Seamless

Tim Hortons

Coffee and doughnuts are a deadly combination. But what if I tell you that there’s more than that to celebrate Halloween? From Pumpkin Special drinks to treats, have a great Halloween at Tim Hortons this year.


This is famous for Mexican food. If Mexican food is your heart’s calling, head to Chipotle for special Halloween deals.


This Halloween, celebrate with Subway’s special menu items. You can choose from a new range of sandwiches and soups made to quench the big hunger.

Taco bell

When Mexican cravings kick in, hit Taco Bell for all things delicious. On Halloween, Taco Bell has introduced limited-time menu options that will make you smile.


The chicken sandwich place Chick-fil-A has spooktacular Halloween items waiting for you. Hit the nearest outlet to you for a meal worth every penny.


Wendy’s is out with a special offer for Halloween. Check out what it is and use it in many ways.

Panera bread

 A trip to Panera Bread means biting into healthy and delicious meals. So, indulge in some fall and Halloween season special menus featuring pumpkin delights this Halloween season.

Pizza hut

Pizza fits every occasion. Check out some attractive Pizza Hut Halloween menu offers this season to have a great time.

Dairy Queen

You must check out Dairy Queen’s Halloween Menu, which offers special Halloween-themed cakes and blizzards.


If chicken cravings always knock at your door, head to KFC for special menu items featuring delicious chicken.

On this Halloween occasion, Sonic Drive-In has launched two delicious Sonic Blasts. These include Treat Blast- Vanilla and  Treat Blast – Chocolate. So, enjoy your holiday by pairing these drinks with the perfect taste.

If you’re in the mood for a juicy cheeseburger or the classic taste of a corn dog, then Sonic has got you covered. Get your  Halloween festivities, and swing by Sonic for some appetizing deals.

The Sonic Halloween Special Burger is a delightful blend of spooky flavours and classic favourites, bringing joy and excitement to fans of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Halloween. With its tantalizing combination of savoury beef, tangy barbecue sauce, crispy bacon, and fiery jalapeños, this burger offers a thrilling adventure perfect for Halloween.

Yes, Sonic Drive-In has deals other than the Trick or Treat Blasts on Halloween.

No, the Trick or Treat blasts from Sonic are available only at certain locations.

No, the prices of the Trick or Treat blasts can vary from location to location.

Sonic Halloween special is a festive season where different types of food are given to customers at half their original prices.

Two types of servings are best at Sonic Halloween specials.

  • Sonic Cheeseburgers at Half the Price
  • Sonic 50-cent corn dogs

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